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General Merchandise & Non Foods

Robbie Fantastic Flexibles is revealing new dimensions in plastic packaging with bold, dynamic solutions that build brands and attract customers.

We combine the latest advancements in printing, materials and technology to produce the maximum graphic impact on bags, pouches, printable film and laminates.

Put the Robbie team to work for you

It may be Polyolefin Film is the best way to show off your product. Printed shrink wrap has the clear edge over labels, printed inserts or paperboard packaging.

Film provides enhanced product presentation and package integrity, improved package efficiencies and other advantages to help you increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Or you might find Stand-Up Pouches, which is rapidly becoming a cost-efficient alternative to conventional glass or can packaging, as well as to plastic bottles. A stand-up pouch may be a perfect alternative to traditional packaging for your brand.

Robbie has a perfect packaging solution for many products in any of these categories:
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Feeds & Seeds
  • Home Improvement
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Liquid
  • Office
  • Personal Care
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pet Products

To learn more about the variety of products Robbie offers designed for the general merchandise and non-food markets, contact us at 800-255-6328 or click here.