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Green Message Means Gold for Supermarket Chain


Sustainability is a growing concern for consumers and grocers alike.

An East Coast, 110-store supermarket chain is committed to sustainable initiatives. They want to act responsibly themselves, and to communicate their “green” message to consumers. In their effort to meet these goals, they turned to Robbie Fantastic Flexibles.


Robbie’s Hot N Handy® Pouch is an ideal answer for grocers who want more environmentally responsible packaging.

Hot N Handy® won the 2008 Gold Award from the Flexible Packaging Association for the most advanced sustainable solution for rotisserie chicken packaging in the market today.

Not only is the Hot N Handy® Pouch more environmentally friendly, it also delivers substantial packaging savings.

The grocery chain agreed to convert from rigid packaging and test the Hot N Handy® Pouch based on Robbie’s commitment to follow-up programming and to presenting a consistent message to store personnel about the company’s green initiatives and the substantial packaging savings of the program. 

Robbie sealed the deal by designing a custom signage program displayed over the warming case. This signage explained to consumers the sustainability benefits of the store’s switch to flexible packaging.


The chain is considering expanding to the fried chicken line of pouches.
Most importantly, the chain’s customers know they’re dealing with a responsible grocer, one who understands the value of green initiatives and takes a leadership role in protecting the environment.