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Shrink & Stretch Films

Robbie Fantastic Flexibles is passionate about the power of printed packaging.

We combine the latest advancements in printing, materials and technology to produce the maximum graphic impact on packaging film.

Our award-winning expertise in working with industry-leading films as diverse as 45 gauge to 4 mil gives your packaging outstanding clarity and gloss, excellent machine capabilities, and ultra-strong substrates for heavier applications.

And our commitment to sustainability has produced more environmentally responsible options in packaging film while retaining the same high quality printing and graphics standards Robbie is known for. Robbie’s ability to print precision graphics on durable film makes chipboard and labels unnecessary, costly and wasteful. Save your money, save the planet.

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Polyethylene Film

Brilliantly printed multipack film that strengthens your shelf appeal
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Polyolefin Film

Increase production efficiencies and reduce your impact on the environment.
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