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Roll Stock Film

Studies show that busy consumers are willing to pay more for products that include recipes, cooking instructions and a freshness date.

Robbie’s roll stock film gives you the ability to print preparation instructions, nutrition details, recipes and other helpful hints directly on the package. Add value and eye-catching graphics, and watch sales increase for products such as:
  • Frozen or fresh poultry, meat, sausage or seafood
  • Ethnic foods such as burritos, taquitos and tamales
  • Fresh fruit or vegetables
  • Entrees, prepared meals and appetizers
  • Further processed items, such as breaded or marinated meats

Experience you can count on

When you choose Robbie, you work with a team of experts every step of the way—from the quotation process to the delivery of your finished product. Our Partnering Approach combines a high level of professionalism with a genuine commitment to customer service.

Robbie’s design engineers will transform all types of art elements into graphic solutions that integrate perfectly with the packaging.                                                      

Roll stock film printing capabilities

Robbie’s roll stock is available with 10-color line or process print. Printed roll stock is available on Polyolefin, Polyethylene or PVC films. Films are available from 60 gauge to 4 mil thicknesses. Printing capabilities are available up to 49” wide.

Printed roll stock gives you the ability to identify different cuts of meat, print preparation and cooking instructions, add value with recipes and helpful hints, and put your company name right on the package!

A big step toward sustainability

Roll stock will increase your line speeds and decrease your production costs by eliminating the material costs of sleeves and labels and the time it takes to apply them. A brilliantly printed film impacts consumers…not the environment.

Paperboard sleeves and labels add not only cost to a package, they add weight. The weight increases fuel consumption for trucking these unnecessary materials, and eventually that weight ends up in landfills.

Read more about Robbie’s commitment to sustainability

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