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PromoSeal Film

PromoSeal is a printed self-adhesive merchandising band ensures closure on all types of containers.  PromoSeal locks in the flavor of your product, and locks out unwanted spills, shrinkage and tampering.

PromoSeal® provides a variety of benefits in one single, colorful step:
  • Reduces Tampering and Shrinkage
PromoSeal® provides tamper-resistant enclosure on all type of containers.
  • Prevents spills
PromoSeal® locks the lid in place to prevent messy leads and spills.
  • Promotes Your Brand Identity
Create custom designs with your brand logo or message in up to six
colors. Make your product stand out in the deli, bakery or produce
  • Builds Sales with Communication
PromoSeal® is a cost-effective way to communicate with your customers. “Freshly prepared” or “made in our deli” are messages that attract consumers…and sell product.

From cross merchandising to providing special offers, the opportunities to use PromoSeal® to build brand awareness and boost sales are limited only by your imagination.

We’ve created new stock designs specifically for bakery, deli, grab n’ go, goodies to go as well as Tri-lingual designs.
Or, you can easily customize your own PromoSeal® adhesive band. Create a brand identity that differentiates your signature product, department image or supermarket from the competition with minimal costs.

Robbie’s specially designed dispenser simplifies the sealing operation. Compact in design, stainless for cleaning purposes, it holds and dispenses up to 4 rolls of 1” PromoSeal®, allowing an easy change of designs to promote various products.

Have we sealed the deal for PromoSeal®?

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