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Pizza Capping Film

Supermarket deli’s have doubled their share of the retail pizza market and can gain an even bigger slice with merchandising film that is as colorful and eye appealing as the product itself. Robbie’s Pizza Capping Film supplies all the necessary ingredients.

Designed specifically for Deli use, the clear, sparkling Pizza Capping Film knows its job, which is to:
  • shrink quickly
  • seal in freshness
  • protect against odor transmission
Customize a colorful message along with your store logo to remind those customers where they purchased their great pizza! By using printed film, you reduce your wrapping and labeling operation to one step. That can represent a substantial savings over the cost of promotional labels and the labor to apply them.

Robbie’s compact and lightweight Pizza Capper is the efficient way to wrap pizzas quickly, easily and securely. Place your freshly made pizza on the adjustable pedestal, cover with a sheet of Robbie Pizza Capping Film and the thermostatically controlled heating element shrinks the film smoothly and evenly around the pizza.

Does Robbie Pizza Capping Film sound good to you?

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