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Cheez-Savor Film

Cheez-Savor, the world class film, protects your expensive imported and domestic varieties from those elements that cause them to become unattractive to your customers – thus require reworking.  This high barrier film keeps cheese moist unlike other PVC films.  Cheez-Savor keeps oxygen and air moisture out, protecting against mold and extending shelf life.  Your products will look fresher by using Cheez-Savor film and will preserve the delicate flavors of al variety of cheeses.
Cheez-Savor protects your expensive cheese investment with:
  • UV Barrier
Prevents color fading by screening out damaging ultra-violet light
Protecting natural colors. Cheese looks fresher, longer.
  • Odor Barrier
Eliminates odor transmission by strong cheeses, while preserving
delicate flavors of milder cheeses and other foods nearby
  • Moisture Barrier
Seals in moisture at least five times better than other PVC film.
Cheese will not dry out or lose moisture weight for a fresher appearance.
  • Oxygen Barrier
Reduces mold growth by sealing out air and moisture

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