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PromoBagĀ® Wicketed Bags

Simply Better Idea—PromoBag®

The PromoBag® shrink polyolefin bag is an all-plastic alternative to paperboard sleeves or film and labels. PromoBag® is more flexible, efficient and economical than paperboard sleeves.

It’s the ideal one-step packaging solution for:

  • fresh or frozen meat
  • poultry
  • seafood
  • prepared foods
The PromoBag® offers a larger printable area, is lower in cost and requires less labor than paperboard sleeves. The leak-resistant package can be printed with 10-color line or process print for a mouthwatering photographic presentation of your product.


An award-winning packaging solution

Consumers aren’t the only ones who think the PromoBag® is a great packaging solution.

PromoBag® received the prestigious DuPont award for innovative plastic packaging and received a second award from the Flexographic Technical Association for First Place Gold Award in the Mid Web/Process Film Category.

PromoBag® Equipment

The PromoBag® packaging system offers all processors a premium package system for a low equipment investment. Processors will benefit from this flexible system that is ideal for product lines with multiple products, several tray sizes and frequent design changes.


Robbie can provide pre-purchase consulting, graphic design, printed polyolefin bags, equipment installation and training.

The PromoBag® system has the clear advantage over traditional paperboard packaging. Give us a call to see how a PromoBag® can start increasing sales and reducing costs for you. 1.800.255.6328.


  • High-quality, four-color process graphics on the entire printable surface
  • Maximum print space for both branding and consumer information
  • Leak-resistant seal
  • Made of strong, durable Polyolefin film
  • Easy to use, convenient
  • Window to view product
  • Outstanding film memory assures that package maintains its original shape
  • Low equipment cost and start-up investment
  • Ability to run 3 products or 3 different trays simultaneously