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Robbie Fantastic Flexibles is putting a new twist on packaging with creative product solutions to fit every retail category.

We combine the latest advancements in printing, materials and technology to produce the maximum graphic impact on bags, pouches and packaging film.

Conveniences like built-in handles and leak-resistant pouches
Robbie’s Hot N Handy® Pouch has transformed the deli business, providing a superior alternative to traditional rigid packaging. This versatile pouch is available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and designs for hot or cold applications.

Or, one of Robbie's Fresh N Tasty® Produce Bulk Pouches designed with customized laser micro perforation for retailers who want to enhance the consumer experience in purchasing whole produce.  Pouches come with an easy-carry handle, resealable zipper and the perforated holes let the consumer easily rinse off the produce without having to transfer it to a colander.

Robbie also offers Fresh N Tasty Bakery Pouches for in-store baked goods.  Pouches are designed with specialized film and recloseable zipper to keep baked goods tasting fresher longer.

Tamper-resistant packages
PromoSeal® is a printed self-adhesive merchandising band that protects your product from tampering and shrinkage. PromoSeal® gives consumers a sense of security and locks container lids in place to prevent messy leaks and spills.

Fresh, attractively presented food
Cheez-Savor®, the world-class film, protects your expensive imported and domestic varieties from oxygen and air. This high barrier film keeps cheese moist, protects against mold, and extends shelf life.

Savor the flavor with
Robbie’s Pizza Capping Film supplies all the necessary ingredients.
Designed specifically for Deli use, the clear, sparkling Pizza Capping Film knows its job.

To learn more about the variety of products Robbie offers designed for the supermarket, contact us at 800-255-6328 or 
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