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Robbie Packaging Builds Empire’s Empire


Empire Kosher Products are made in accordance with strict kosher standards. They have always appealed to kosher-observant consumers for their cleanliness and taste.  So, the company reasoned, why not broaden the products’ appeal to non-kosher-observant shoppers as well? 

A major part of the new strategy was to re-release the entire Empire line of 19 chicken and turkey products with new packaging that would:

    • differentiate the brand
    • provide a premium look
    • create appetite appeal
    • stand out on the supermarket shelf.
A third-party designer developed an eight-color package solution, but the triangular-shaped label could not be placed consistently on the package. That design was abandoned and replaced with printed film. Empire Kosher was forced to limit the film choice to Cryovac 310 SSD, so it could run on their Ossid 500 machine and because it was one of the few kosher-approved films available. Given the limited flexibility, Empire Kosher needed a printing expert to make this work.


Empire Kosher called on Robbie Fantastic Flexibles for printing support. Robbie’s reputation for industry leadership was well known, especially their experience in printing four-color process designs on other thin-gauge shrink films.

With an attractive new package re-design in hand and the Robbie experts handling the printing process, Empire received a product with superior graphics, while still meeting the strict Orthodox Union standards for kosher handling and protection. And while previous line-printed film required the placement of variety labels on 15 of the 19 product SKUs, Robbie’s process eliminated this second step, which increased packaging line performance significantly.


Empire Kosher Products now provide a consistent, quality “pick me up and buy me” look. Consumers are drawn to the packaging by its appetizing photography and design. The attractive design and colors are also a hit with retailers, who love the full color graphics approach.

An added benefit? The new eight-color package design resulted in cost savings of 15% to 20% over previous packaging.