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Pre-production Process

Planning is critical to success. At Robbie Fantastic Flexibles, our thorough Pre-Production process takes all the guesswork out of your packaging project. We pre-test and pre-measure far more often than our competitors, and provide you with plenty of opportunities at every stage of the process to see and react to what we’re doing. 

We excel in a complex business where virtually every project is unique. That’s because our systems are designed and written specifically for our business. We’ve developed proprietary processes for every phase, from quoting, to design and specifications, to finished product labeling and palletizing.

We give new meaning to the phrase “Go the extra mile for our customers.” We’ll go however many miles it takes—on our own dime—to visit your operation and get a better understanding of your business and your packaging needs. Doing our homework allows us to provide a spot-on solution customized for you rather than a hit-or-miss repurposed package we’ve done for someone else.

And to make sure each project runs perfectly, we never wait until we reach the presses to resolve issues…no matter how small. We study your specs diligently, and relentlessly test our techniques. 

The end result?  Breakthrough packaging concepts, created with unprecedented accuracy, speed and quality.
Imagine a multi-functional team that’s been assembled to ensure that Robbie meets and exceeds your packaging expectations. That’s what you get every time you choose Robbie Fantastic Flexibles as your packaging solutions partner—highly skilled professionals who are committed to your success and satisfaction. This is Our Partnering Approach.

The Team meets daily to review new projects, discuss the best way to design and manufacture them, and challenge each other to find new and better solutions for our customers. We’re always striving to create eye-catching packages that haven’t even been imagined yet.

You’ll meet and work with our people during every key segment of the production process. And your project will be reviewed at several stages during its development for:
  • Ink and Color Control
  • Manufacturing
  • Design
  • Package Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
A custom-developed software system tracks every new project from concept to manufacturing. All Team members have access to the system, so they know who’s responsible for what, and can identify where every project stands. Information is tracked and shared among Team members, and testing helps determine what’s working.  If there’s any way we can improve the appearance of the printed image or make the printing process more efficient, we’ll tell you so.
An ideal way to determine the optimum film width and repeats is to use the customer’s actual trays and products and the actual machinery specifications. That’s what our Packaging Engineers do.

By creating Template Guidelines and testing them thoroughly, designers can place elements correctly on the package, which reduces the likelihood of distortion. The result is consistency in tray sizes and packaging configurations—the quality look and feel our customers’ products deserve.
Robbie proudly produces all graphics to FIRST (Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances) standards.  And we utilize a combination of in-house and off-site resources to create breakthrough designs quickly—without sacrificing quality at every step in the process.

Two Robbie designers are located on-site; an additional seven work off-site.  They partner with several production artists and a 24-hour staff for the highest accuracy and efficiency in pre-press and plate making.  All new plates and re-makes are produced on site.

And you’ll receive the following items to review during the graphics process:
  • Design proof for text, content and layout approval
  • Scatters for process image color approval
  • Color keys for internal separations and press checks
  • A Contract proof to see the final art representation and process color. You’ll use this document for customer and press approvals.
You want the best technicians working on your packaging project, so Robbie printers are Certified Flexographic Press Operators through National Council for Skill Standards in Graphic Communications (NCSS).

We conduct daily production and scheduling meetings to keep every project on track.  Our operators use a Quality Control checklist to monitor every job, and the Team Lead performs a job approval for every set-up. We’re confirming quality throughout the production run, from traditional printing processes through specialized functions like slitting, pouching, bagging and folding.

When it’s time for Press Approvals, we want you or your representative to see all first time runs. We want you to be equal partners with Robbie in creating a culture of quality in every job.
Quality in packaging means great designs, great production, and a commitment to deliver your products on time and in great condition. That’s why Robbie provides 24/7 shipping capabilities, so your packaging arrives when it’s supposed to.

Accuracy in shipping is critical. So we’ve invested in a 27,000 square foot warehouse, with 4200 pallet locations and five docks. Our unique bin location system allows us to select and ship your products with accuracy. We date all inventory transactions, and utilize a First In, First Out approach to both raw and finished goods.

Our facilities are climate controlled to maintain optimum material conditions. That means we’re treating your packaging with the same care and concern that you treat your products. It’s another example of our commitment to quality in every phase of our process.

See Our Partnering Approach in action.