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Designed for Success

Plastic packaging has the power to transform the consumer experience and reshape your business. And it all begins with a dynamic design.

Truly innovative package design provides a bold, unique showcase for your products.  It’s the ideal way to leverage the strength of your product offering, and the power of your brand, to drive sales and improve market share.

But designing for the unique world of flexographic printing requires a special set of skills. And that’s where Robbie excels. 

Our design staff, including our talented partners has what it takes to develop head-turning graphics:
  • Two on-site designers, collaborating with seven off-site designers and a team of production artists 
  • On-site platemaking of Analog and Digital plates, plus a 24-hour staff for pre-press and platemaking 
  • Approvals throughout the process to control costs and ensure quality
All designs are constructed to FIRST standards – Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications and Tolerances – so you know they’re the industry’s finest.

If you have a design of your own and want the Robbie team to help you translate it into accurate printing specs, you can follow these instructions for preparing your artwork for printing on our equipment.

We love to design colorful, eye-catching graphics that will make your products stand out on the shelf or in the deli case. There’s nothing we enjoy more than challenging the full range of Robbie’s leading-edge printing capabilities with a bold, distinctive design.