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Welcome to Robbie Fantastic Flexibles, where we’re turning traditional packaging inside out by:

Stretching the boundaries of what can be done with plastics.
Take a look at the dynamic packaging solutions we’ve
created for supermarkets, convenience stores, food service,
consumer goods, and other markets.

Bending the rules and getting breakthrough
results for our customers.
Expanding the profits for companies by providing
stand-out packaging solutions.
Balancing cost-effective designs with
sustainable materials and
manufacturing processes.
Proud to join the TC Transcontinental family!

On June 30th, we proudly announced that we were joining TC Transcontinental and its packaging division. This is great news that will open up a world of new possibilities for our customers. Stay tuned!

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Robbie appeared on Manufacturing Marvels, a two-minute product on the Fox Business Network that features companies who manufacture exclusively in the United States.

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make it simply better

Save labor and material costs by replacing paper label inserts and chip board
sleeves with high quality printed films.

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new trendy look

Robbie creates new trendy design for deli hot case items.  Unique graphics are eye-catching and help to increase attention during peak shopping times.

Pouch includes sustainability lanquaqe to help educate consumers on the benefits of flexible packaging.

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